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Every artist has a source of inspiration. A muse so to say.

Someone who encourages them to try new things or

Helps them get new and fresh ideas for their art.

Soft, beautiful, elegant, tranquil captivating

That is the definition of the results of their work.

A muse is the source of the artist’s inspiration

The thing that makes them try harder.

Determination so to say.

Having a muse is taking your skills and mind

To another level.

Is having your heart set up.

No doubts, no insecurity

The admiration of someone who loves you

Maybe that’s why my artwork is lacking improvement.

I don’t have a real goal…

Well I do but,

Is hard to have a goal and stay on your track...

When everything and everyone seems

To ignore your work.

Feeling like your skill is not even near as decent.

Ignored, like a spirit.

Only seeing things and life go by without you.

No one seems to notice your presence

I can well as hay disappear and no one would batter and eyelash

I don’t have anyone to rely on

To cheer me on becoming the best I can be.

Pathetic isn’t it?

I should be able to walk on my own.

To rely on myself

Why do I want acknowledgement?

To be noticed?

“Amazing work, you can do it! I believe o you!”

Those words my mind dreams of hearing.

To be loved and be noticed.

I can only day dream of it.

I don’t really say all that is bothering me.

I don’t want to bother anyone with

My real feelings

How selfish I can be?

I should be happy they are happy

Not to feel jealous or angry.

They deserve it


Don’t you deserve it to? After all you do to cheer everyone up?

You sure can be dumb. After you help them and they say those words?

Why don’t you just show your true colors?


No! They are happy. And I’m glad they are


Stop lying! You are not okay with this! Is like being on square one!

They should love us! Say they miss us. Hear every word we speak

Captivated by our presence and spoil us.   


No! I can’t be selfish! That is a bad thing!

I’m a good person. Good people don’t get

Jealous, don’t hate on other people

Don’t feel sad, don’t want to be spoiled


You can’t deny it darling

We are one and the same

Give up and accept it

The sooner the better

You can’t keep this charade forever

You feel sad, depressed, lonely

Hence, you even were feeling annoyed

At her actions.

How they cared about her so badly while

You are in the verge of insanity

Walking on a thin rope.

Heart shattered in pieces.

Hopes scattered and getting ill.

You know your emotions

You will keep your mask but,

How long it will be

Until it breaks

And you won’t be able to fix it?


I can.  I have to be strong for them.

I have to support them.


Then who is going to be there for you?

To cheer you on?

To make you smile?

I see through your lies

That smile you make

Is a temporary smile

It will break

Can you handle the consequences?


As long as I say the half-truth half lie

No one will notice

You know how people are,

Self-centered, they think everything can be fixed easily

Hiding the sky with their hand

Avoiding the inevitable

Dreaming foolishly of things they can get

The fake friendship

Yes, that’s how is called

If they knew me...

The real me

They would hate me

Just like everyone does.

Once you show them who you are

The muse turns into your destruction


I bet my muse will never come.

I have to be strong.

Or just keep living this artificial happiness

Play along their little game of


The irony~

Isn’t it sweet?

That bitter sweet taste

That comes with lies and fake promises

For a second there I almost believed it

If it weren’t I already have seen it

I would have fell for it.

I will play along.



“Usted quereis molestarme la vida? Pues juguemos mi amore.” 


United States

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